Land Division Costs vary greatly from project to project as there are many factors that can contribute to the end cost. As a rough guide however land division projects with a standard one into-two land division in the Adelaide Metropolitan area is in the order of $26,000 – $30,000 and include the following fees and professional service charges;

  • State Planning Commission / Local Council fees including Lodgement Fees, Open Space Contribution Fees and Land Division Certificate Fees.
  • Land Services SA – final plan lodgement and examination fees
  • Surveyor / Land Division Consultancy – Consultancy / Project Management / Professional Services / Licenced Surveying Fees
  • Conveyancer or Solicitor Fees – to create the new Certificates of Title
  • SA Water – Water and Sewage fees  

Land Divisions in rural areas may cost less than land divisions in the Adelaide Metropolitan area as certain government fees may not apply. 

The cost approximations above can vary considerably based on the following:

  • The Type of title you need: Torrens Title or Community Title
  • Whether there will be non-standard costs applied by the relevant government and non-government parties managing the land division application. I.e. SA Water may charge non-standard costs for water/sewer extensions, deeper connection pits, or dewatering costs. This could increase the costs significantly.
  • Whether Councils have additional requests for planning assessment purposes that necessitate additional professional services from your surveyor.
  • Whether an existing dwelling needs to be demolished or modified.
  • Connection to Power and the NBN are also costs that are not part of the Land Division Application process but should be factored into your budgets.
  • Please also note that government costs in particular increase considerably for land divisions where it is proposed to create more than one additional allotment.

A reputable and experienced land division consultant will be able to give you a good approximation of standard costs and highlight the potential for non-standard costs.

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Disclaimer. The information contained in this publication is a guide only and independent professional advice should be sought before beginning the process of dividing the land. Sawley Lock O’Callaghan will be happy to discuss your specific land division proposal.