Sawley Lock O’Callaghan is sensitive to our client’s privacy and summarised in this statement are details of how we handle your personal information.


Privacy Act 1988

Personal information kept on file by Sawley Lock O’Callaghan is bound by the Privacy Act, 1988.


Our Policy regarding your Project Information

Details regarding your project wil remain confidential within our firm. We have a professional obligation in this regard to safeguard your personal information.

Requests for your project information from other parties will not be given out without your permission or instruction.

Please note that your implied permission is presumed when dealing with the statutory and regulatory authorities to which your project is subject. We only disclose your information to the extent necessary for the appropriate processing of your project.


The Type Of Personal Information We Keep

Usually, the information we keep is provided by you, the client. We do however, obtain from various Government databases, property based information that relates directly to your project.

This information includes; Names, Addresses, Title Details, Telephone numbers, postal and electronic addresses amongst other property related data.


Why Do We Keep Personal Information

These records are necessary for us to carry out your project and monitor its progress through various government and private sector systems. These systems ensure a means by which we can retrieve the data in an economical and efficient manner.

We may also use this information to keep you updated on any matters that could affect future commissions you issue to us.


Your Rights

Under the National Privacy Principles which form part of the Privacy Act, you have the right to access the information we keep about your project.

You have the right to correct any erroneous information. We may deny access to that information if it is likely to compromise the privacy rights of other individuals.

In that event, we will clearly explain those circumstances.

Your request for personal records must be written and forwarded to our Adelaide office. Proof of identity may be required.



Should you have any enquiries relating to this statement, your privacy or our records of personal information, please contact our Privacy Manager, Damian Brogden on (08) 83441522.